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I realize this is going to sound absolutely and completely crazy.  I assure you that I am a fairly regular, quiet, average person.  I live in a nice house, have a good job, pay my taxes.  However, I recently became aware that God is issuing forth signs that a time of trouble upon the earth is about to begin.  That’s fine for me to know, but what about everyone else?  If I am wrong, then all that happens is I look foolish.  If I am right, then your life may be at stake.  So how can I keep silent?  What I am about to tell you, I believe is true.  God is issuing YOU one final offer.  He is doing this because He loves YOU.  He wants you in His family.  But He loves you enough to let you CHOOSE.  He will hold you accountable for your choice.

The one true God personally loves YOU more than you could ever imagine!

God is Calling YOU (video)

The earth is wobbling like a top ready to spin out of control.  Can you feel it?

We are rapidly approaching a point of no return, and life as we know it will come crashing to a cataclysmic halt.  The feeling is electric – the anticipation of war, economic collapse, natural disasters, uncertainty.  It is being felt in all religions and all parts of society.

The feelings of humanity are correct.  “The Apocalypse” is almost upon us.  God is about to act swiftly and decisively.  Life as we know it is going to suddenly and permanently change. Every single human being on the planet will be affected.  It will be a time of chaos, destruction, and confusion.  Fortunately, God has not left us in the dark about what is to come.  While most religions delineate vague notions of an “end times scenario”, the Bible is very detailed and specific about what is going to come on the earth.


What this involves is people who died believing in Jesus Christ will be raised, and joined by those who are alive and trusting in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and collectively they will be snatched up to heaven.  This will happen very quickly, and earthquakes and devastation will unfold upon the earth in their wake.  Upon people I love.  Quite probably my coworkers, friends, and family members.  You.

It’s been difficult for me to wrap my head around the reality that we could really, truly, be in the time of which Jesus spoke.  But it appears to be so.  I know, it sounds bizarre.  But it will happen exactly when life is seemingly continuing on “as usual”.

Now, your choice.  The path before you, and every single individual on this planet, is about to split into two.

These are two paths which lay before you:

On the right lays comfort, security, and rest.  True believers in Jesus Christ will be snatched away suddenly.  They will be safely tucked away in heaven.

On the left lays chaos, destruction, and tribulation. Those left behind will face the deception of satan and the wrath of God.  It will involve earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, meteors, infectious disease, famine, and war.  Water will be contaminated.  Food will be scarce.  Approximately 1/2 of humanity will die over the course of approximately 3.5-7 years.  

It is entirely up to you which path you take.  The path on the right is currently open.  One day soon, access to that path on the right will snap shut, and you will careen wildly onto the path on the left if you have not made your choice.

It is still yet day, barely.  Night is coming on the earth.  As long as the invisible body of Christ is in the world, it is the light of the world.  The true Church is soon to be removed, and the world will fumble in darkness.

Before I wrote this, I specifically prayed for YOU – every single person who will see this page.  So trust and know that God is SPECIFICALLY targeting YOU with this message.

PLEASE, God is calling you to escape.  He LOVES you.  He WANTS you in His family.

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Only God’s word is infallible. Please read it for yourself to find Truth!


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